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Philosophy of training

ACS Training strives towards achieving both the project objectives of client organisations and the individual learning objectives of participants during training courses.

ACS Training is dedicated to broadening the individual authenticity of the delegates, and not to ‘teaching tricks' .

ACS Training aims at an even development of the insight, attitudes, competence and confidence of the trainees.

Philosophy of co-operation

ACS Training believes in a pro-active style of project management, in which the client determines how intensive the interface will be.

During the course of a project, the client remains in contact with one ACS Training project manager. ACS Training offers expert and reliable trainers capacity. For projects with an international character, ACS Training can deliver in both the English and the Dutch languages. Partnership with the client is always the central theme in project management.

The responsibility for the success of the project rests with the four main stakeholders in the project, namely the client, the line managers, the trainees, and the training consultancy.